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Immediate take-off for Asia!

Explore the culinary influences of Korean and Japanese cuisine

There's more to life than spring rolls and sushis

From Japan to Korea, through Vietnam and Thailand, Asia is a land of culinary expertise, with dishes that are sometimes thousands of years old. We've put together a selection of healthy, easy to prepare recipes to make everybody happy. So get your chopsticks ready!

3 street food recipes to whet your appetite

Get ready to take your taste buds on a journey, immediate take off for the eastern skies and the land of the rising sun and more.

Idea #1: Veggie Udon Soup

Halfway between a soup and a noodle, this recipe features broccoli, soy, ginger, garlic and spring onion. The shiitake mushrooms here add umami, the famous 5th flavour typical of Japanese dishes.

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Idea #2: Soy ginger chicken hibachi

Hibachi is the slightly less sweet cousin of teriyaki. The real star here is undoubtedly the soy-ginger-sesame sauce, which perfectly enhances the subtle notes of the grilled chicken.

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Idea #3: Korean-style vegetable pancakes

As a starter or appetizers, these cakes will surprise everyone with their crunchiness and freshness. As you can use any vegetable you like, it's also a great anti-waste recipe: go wild!

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Onigiris on the fly with Cookeo

As a starter or on the go, Onigiris are always a good idea. However it’s very easy to overcook or undercook the rice. Give yourself a hand with Cookeo and get perfect rice every time.

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Zero waste idea : Egg white bites

Don't throw away your egg whites, here is a super easy recipe to make! Try these bites topped with vegetables, spices and cheese, you will enjoy.

Asian trends that are all the rave

Whether it's an impromptu meal or an elaborately prepared one, we take a look at the must-tries of Asian cuisine, from Japan to Korea.

Trend #1

Kimchi jigae, the delicious pork stew

You're probably familiar with kimchi, a spicy, fermented vegetable preparation. This time let’s try kimchi in a comfort food version with a beef stew. Careful though, it may be a bit spicy.

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Trend #2

Tteokbokki, the trendy Korean dish

Sometimes called topokki, this recipe consists of small rice cakes topped with cheese. A perfect starter to whet your appetite.

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Trend #3

Mochi for the whole family

There's no need to introduce the infamous rice balls, the classic dessert of Japanese gastronomy. The hardest part is choosing your fillings: will you go for red beans, peanuts, strawberries or chocolate?

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Trend #4

Gyudon, the ultimate comfort dish

A bowl of rice, marinated beef, vegetables and eggs are all you need to cook a gyudon, the mother of all donburis. Easy to prepare and balanced, the gyudon is the ideal dish for impromptu dinners to pass with flying colors.

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Yakiniku sauce with Perfectmix +

Yakiniku is a classic Japanese sauce used with meat dishes. Savory, sweet and thick, give your recipes an extra kick and prepare amazing sauces with Perfectmix +.

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Mochi without fuss

Discover our chef's tips for preparing your own little mochis and delighting the whole family.

Dorayaki, Japanese-style filled pancakes

Dorayaki is to the Japanese what madeleines are to the French: one of the most popular and most requested desserts. So much so that dorayakis are everywhere in japanese pop culture : movies, anime, video games and so on. Although it consists of two pancakes, it originally came with a single layer. Sweet, soft and rubbery, dorayakis are traditionally filled with red bean paste (anko), green tea and sometimes sakura paste. Fancy something a bit more classic? Feel free to add jam or peanut butter... anything goes!

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Protein waffles, for athletes or not...

Today discover our tip for protein waffles. Replace milk with Greek yogurt to fill up on energy.

My Tefal: for even more inspiration 

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The application offers you tailor-made suggestions! You can also edit and share your shopping list based on the recipes you want to cook. Find recipes with ingredients you already have on hand and follow the recipes step by step.

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More snack ideas for you to try and love

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